About Us

It is a pure BBQ experience at Tom’s High on the Hog Real Pit BBQ!

We produce and serve freshly cooked meat,
sides and cold drinks like you would back in the good old days!


Tom’s is committed to providing the highest level of quality products and providing superior service to the community.


Community Events With Tom’s Real Pit BBQ

As a long time resident of this community, Tom has a long-standing commitment to support his local community. Our restaurant has a program that gives up to 10% to your school or affiliated organization.

Tom can assist in organizing an event at the restaurant to help you with donations to your school/organization based on how the event is set up.

Call and inquire how Tom can help your school or organization reach its fundraising goals.



A great place to have your Family Event, School Events even Fundraising Events with Mini Golf.

Call and inquire Today or Click here for more information.

Experience Tom's - High On The Hog - Real Pit BBQ & Tom's Mini Golf

Tom hopes you enjoy the restaurant as much as he does. He can’t wait to serve you for lunch and dinner!

Lunch And Dinner Specials

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