Tom's High on the Hog Real Pit BBQ


Why Us?

Tom's High on the Hog Real Pit BBQ offers fresh and fast BBQ from the finest cuts of meat. Tom slow cooks his meat in state of the art cookers specialty designed to lock in flavor and bring out the true goodness of the meat. Tom custom built a BBQ pit centered in the restaurant to show case his BBQ. Sides and desserts are home made, Tom's way of course.

Supporting the Community

Tom sponsor's local events, clubs, organizations, and sports.

Tom is proudly sponsoring a Rookie and a Minor KRA spring 2014 baseball teams. Lets Go HOG's! 


If you would like to find out if Tom will sponsor your non profit or school event you can provide the following to Tom.   Provide letter stating the details of the sponsorship on organizational letter head. Include details on who, what, and when the sponsorship is needed. Be sure to include deadlines and exactly what is being requested. Bring this information to the restaurant preferably in the afternoon.  Tom can also be reached by message on Facebook, email and phone.  You will be notified if a sponsorship will be awarded. Thank you for taking interested in Tom's.

Who We Are

Tom's High on the Hog Real Pit BBQ Inc. is a local BBQ Restaurant serving  Keystone Heights and the surrounding community.  Tom has lived in the community since 1976. HIs passion for BBQ grew during the late 70's. At the time Tom owned and operated a restaurant during early 80's in Keystone called "Tasty Cave," with his wife Cathy. They sold the restaurant during the mid 80's and focused on growing their catering business. Since then Tom has always wanted to open another restaurant. Tom and some friends of his were sitting at dinner one night catching up when one asked him what he would like to do next in life? Tom replied well you are not going to believe this but I'd like to open a little BBQ restaurant in my home town, my passion for BBQ grew from my first restaurant and I just can't shake the desire to serve the community I and Cathy have lived in for the past 40 years again . He and his friends took that moment and decided they could make it happen they would all  partner together to bring Tom's High on the Hog Real Pit BBQ to Keystone and the surrounding community. Tom, Cathy and their partners are excited to serve the community again, where their passion for food all began.


Tom's is committed to providing the highest level of quality products and providing superior service to the community. With this focus Tom, Cathy and their partners are determined to be a flagship restaurant in the community. 


Tom's High on The Hog Real Pit BBQ restaurant features Tom's signature BBQ. Tom's Real PIt BBQ is a casual fast food restaurant offering sit down dining, and call in curb side pick up service. High on the Hog offers inside, outside, and playground seating. Customers come in and don't have to wait for meals to be prepared. Starters, sandwiches, sides, entrees, and desserts are ready and waiting. Tom's Smoke House Burger and his signature steaks are be cooked to order. Tom is dedicated to providing the community high quality food and ingredients. High on the Hog, smokes its meats fresh every day starting early in the morning ensuring meals are ready for lunch and dinner. The restaurant is designed for a quick meal if you are in a hurry get in and get out, if you want to visit a bit that's okay too. The center of Tom's features a large BBQ Pit where the smoke house meats are served from all day long.  Specialty designed smokers slowly cook Tom's turkey, chicken, brisket, and ribs giving the meat perfect flavor and a golden smoke house color.  Tom hopes you enjoy the restaurant as much as he does, he can't wait to serve you for lunch and dinner.

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