How to Be Charming When You Meet a New Girl

Let us say that you have met a girl that seems great. She is kind, funny, pretty, etc., just your type. However, what are you going to do next? You need to make your next move and be charming if you want your relationship to go further than just a friendship. There is no need to worry, you can try out these tips to charm a new girl that you met.


Be Confident

While some girls might like shy guys, most girls will not like guys who seem too quiet or have little response. Girls want to feel like they are engaging and interesting, so if you show no interest in them they might not be interested in you either. The key is to be confident when you meet a girl without overdoing it – so try not to be cocky. When you are talking, give off a vibe that shows you are secure with yourself and are happy with who you are to impress a girl.

Test Runs

The best way to become charming is to learn from experience. You can get into great dating apps to help you get used to talking to new girls. These dating apps like 6app have tons of pretty women that you can talk to online or meet up in real life. You can read all the books in the world, but you will really impress women when you make mistakes and learn from them. Who knows, you might get lucky while you are practicing too!

Do Not Try Too Hard

No one likes a try hard so do not look like one. If you want to get her attention, do not be too obvious about it. You can subtly start conversations with her or seem engaging to others so you do not have to cause a scene or be too loud to grab her attention. Being too loud or annoying can be a turn off to most girls, so try to catch her attention by being calm, secure and doing things that you are good at or talking about things you know a lot about.

Find Humor in Yourself

If you make a mistake or slip up with your words, learn how to laugh at yourself and make a joke about it. Girls usually like guys who know what their flaws are and can find humor in awkward situations. However, you should avoid self-deprecating jokes such as “Oh boy, I never get anything right but what’s new?” or “I never do get the girls but I guess that is just because I am me.” As we mentioned earlier, you should be secure with yourself so there is no need to put yourself down especially if you want to impress a girl.

Instead, if you make a mistake, try to make a joke out of it and move on. For instance, if you made a mistake with your words, you could try to be charming and say “I usually find it hard to speak when I’m around a pretty girl.” Just make sure to use the corny jokes sparingly.

Charming a girl is not that hard. Try to follow the tips above and you will find yourself with girls who are glad they met you and may want to get to know you more.